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☆ Beach! ☆

I'm going to Wasaga Beach today!

I'll take lots of pictures!

☆ July' s almost over. ☆

Wow...the month went by quickly didn't it?

August is tomorrow; which means starting university is quickly approaching.

Am I ready?

I don't actually know if I am or not to be perfectly honest with you; that's the scary thing about it all.

I'm not sure about my major, or even what I want to do with my life. All I know is that I have to go to university; it's a faux paux not too.

And unfortunately in our society; if you don't go...you get frowned at.

Which is so sad, when did we let a piece of paper determine our worth? It's silly.

I think I'd rather travel, and see the world...then figure out what it is I really want to do. Why are all stuck following the same path? Who made up these rules, anyways?

☆ At work. ☆

Good morning, everyone!

Manda here...I'm at work and...there's nothing to do...

How unfortunate...

What to do, what to do...

☆ Testing! ☆

So, I'm going to try to start blogging from my phone... Here goes nothing!

☆ I most certainly must apologize. ☆

I started this new journal, and never wrote in it!

I'm so sorry.

I have however, been quite busy.

I spent five days in California, during the first week of July. Thus, I missed Canada's day which kind of sucked, not even going to lie.

But I saw Morning Musume...and it was worth it.

Worth the three hour lines, in the burning California heat with my fair shoulders exposed to the cruel sun, who took the opportunity to...

burn me.

ouch, ouch, ouch.

But all things considering it was worth it.

We visited Universal Studios, which to be honest is slightly over hyped. But needless to say, it was fun so I can't explain. Went on the tour around the studios, rode the rides all was well.

We also ventured off to Hollywood and Bel Air, which was certainly an experience I'll never forget. Even saw Michael Jackson's house...Wow! $100,000 in rent is crazy.

What else has happened...

After L.A, things have been fairly quiet. Just busy with work and what not. I have a bit of a social life now, but I suppose that comes with having a boyfriend.

I paid for my University, so thus first semester, is done and paid for.

Hip, hip hurrah.

Hey, has anyone checked out Aibon's new album?

I love it!

I'll be back and post more frequently.

Again, I'm sorry about the lack of postage.

☆ Graduating. ☆

Suddenly...I feel old.

I went to my university on Monday...it was so big. It made me feel overwhelmed, and I began to doubt myself. Am I ready for this sort of commitment?

Should I have gone to College?

Is this the right school for me?

Will I have regrets?

I think mentally...my mind's been so very far from high school for a while. But now, that I'm heading for this next chapter in my life...I feel scared.

I think this is normal.

I hope.

☆ Done! ☆

Tamogoyaki in the making~!

Hot Dog Octopus.

Onigiri with seaweed.

Finished! Better pictures tomorrow.


☆ Eating & Grocery Shopping. ☆

Today after school, John and I adventured over to the mall on the magical bus we call Brampton Transit...however...

We were in luck! The bus prior to us had just left as it was too full, so not only was I frustrated, over lack of transportation...it had begun to rain!

By some miracle from God...in the distance a 'Not in Service' bus began to approach before making a sudden stop, the bus driver told us to come on, keep our bus fare/tickets and she would drive us down Steeles.

I silently thanked God.

When we arrived at the mall, we went to the Dollarama to find some nicer containers to hold our bento for tomorrow, which proved to be a success...and I found lots of lip balm I wanted so I got those too. It's not very often that you find Bonnebell products at the Dollar Store, so it's good to invest while you can, right?

I love trying to justify spending money.

Any how, John announced that he was hungry, and that we should eat, so often to Ocean's we went and grabbed a bite...

Isn't he cute?

I had fried chicken wings, Szechuan chicken, chow mein and wonton soup.

It was really yummy. I love eating food, of any sort. It just makes me so happy!

After we finished eating, we proceeded to go and grab the stuff I'd need to prepare tomorrow's o-bentou, so off we went...and little did we know that we'd run into this person...

Monica! Isn't she adorable?

Needless to say, we said our good byes and carried on with our shopping adventure and then we came across...

A giant carrot! I know it's not very clear because of the background, but it really was quite big.

Sorry this is so picture heavy!! I'll try to ease up on the photos~


☆ おめでとう/Congratulations! ☆

I, Manda Lee...

Made the front page of the school news paper!!

Omedetou gozaimasu...

I'm so happy!

Not only that, but...I had three articles in total that made the school news paper. Pretty awesome, huh?

P.S: I'm wondering if my lack of sentence structure is irritating to some...?

☆ I'm not a thief! ☆

My throat was itchy....and I knew there were Lozenges behind me, so I rolled over to the desk behind me...

Opened up the package...


Slowly placed it in my mouth...mmm tastes like lemon and honey...

"Amanda, why are you sneaking around?"


"I'm not sneaking, Mr. B...If I was sneaking, I would have hid. I was being ignorant and staring at you, while I eat your lozenges...which taste yummy by the way...I'm going to go back to my desk...-rolls-"

-Barrington shakes his head.-

My supervisor loves me.